Breastfeeding on the FROW

Love this piece from one of the original fashion bloggers, Susie Bubble (Susie Lau) about managing her career while breastfeeding a baby. 

Her baby is the cutest thing ever! 

Her baby is the cutest thing ever! 

Admittedly, she's in the unique position of working for herself in a creative industry where she is the brand and the product so she makes the rules (and can bring her newborn to work if she wants to). Even if work means front row in Milan or Paris. Most of us don't have that luxury. 

Still, a lovely account of normalising breastfeeding and a glimpse into how the other half live! 

I'd love to know how she finds breastfeeding appropriate clothes...I ended up just wearing a stretchy vest under everything so I could always lift up whatever top I was wearing and pull down the vest discreetly. Mostly because the designated nursing clothes in the maternity shops were hideous! 

(via the Guardian).

Baby Aran Jumper

Cuteness overload. Irish babies (all babies really!) need an Aran. 

We have been stopped in the street by strangers asking where this Aran jumper is from. My mum picked it up as a present for Pearl and I assumed it was from Avoca or similar. It's actually from Carrolls Irish Gift Shop of all places!

It's hand-knit and in the region of €50. They have less expensive versions which are machine made but in my opinion a real Aran has to be hand-made. 

Support groups

Are you in a support group for mums?

It sounds silly and there was nothing so formal in my own Mum's day but it's been a life saver. Mine is a whatsapp group of mums including some experienced ladies on squish number 3 or 4. There are stay at home and working mums, bottlefeeders and breastfeeders so the conversations are varied and balanced. We discuss schools, childcare, health questions, feeding questions and everything else. I can ask any question and someone will try to help. They're also really patient with first-timers like me. When P had a temperature and I was panicking, I stripped her, sponged her down and then asked the group if I should go to the doctor. I'm sure they rolled their eyes at my stupidity but in the heat of the moment I had completely forgotten to give her Calpol. They all told me to try it and watch her. Of course, that brought the temperature down and luckily she wasn't fighting off anything serious. Rookie mistake!

New mamas and babies are added daily but there's a core group who started the whatsapp thread and they also have an informal meet-up on Tuesdays in Mayfield in Terenure. I don't always make it but they're a lovely bunch of women so when I do they're very welcoming.  

It's been one of the best supports while I've been at home with P. They're the ones who spurred me on to start applying for schools when P was about 4 months old. I had other things on my mind and I was a bit down and I hadn't realised how important it was in Dublin to pre-enrol on a list where possible. My poor child would have been home-schooled but for them! 

Do you have a support system? This whatsapp group started life in Dublin 6 as an offshoot of a Rathgar based breastfeeding group but it's huge now and there are no geographical boundaries  so hit me up if you need someone to help with your questions or if you just want a laugh (some very funny ladies there too!)