Monday night me-time

Somehow, even with a cheeky energetic one year old, I've buckets of free time since I started my new job! Might be those 5 pm finishes (I really don't know myself these days!) and the dream baby who goes to bed at 7 pm.  

Ideal time for some pampering as the darker evenings roll in. 

* Not an ad folks; just some favourites. And PLEASE excuse the grainy photos. My Nikon is finally fixed so the photos are about to improve drastically. *

Ever since I got some sneaky hair extensions (shhh it's a secret...!) I've been going through shampoo and conditioner at a rate of knots. Pun very much intended.

Mane'n'Tale has been my hero product these last few weeks. I'm slathering on the conditioner in particular and it's the only one I've tried that binds all of the cuticles and really makes the extensions shine.

My fabulously coiffed friend (who needs no extensions because she's got hair like a show pony) used to live with me and I'll admit I robbed her stash of Mane 'n'Tail on occasion. I loved that shine!


I'm a big believer in sheet masks and retinol so any combination has to be a winner. Shiseido has been a revelation for me recently. It's a classic brand that's been unfairly overlooked lately. even with all of the buzz around Asian beauty brands.

These retinol infused smoothing masks can't eliminate deep wrinkles...but they work a treat for a brightening tightening ten minute treatment while you're doing other things and fine lines are definitely minimised after one application. I love them on a Sunday night so I look well rested for work (that is, as well rested as anyone could be with a teething toddler who wakes at 3 am on the button for a snuggle). 


The This Works sleep spray is a mum gave it to me. She hated it!

Different strokes I suppose. I love it and it's quickly become part of my bedtime routine. A spritz or two on my silk pillowcase (a MUST if you have extensions or just notions about yourself!) and I'm out like a light listening to Ira Glass' dulcet storytelling. I'm working my way through the back catalogue of This American Life in case you're wondering. 


The extensions mean that my 'do takes longer than the 5 minutes I used to dedicate to it. (But it's worth it!)

When I've a little more time in the shower I use the Tangle Teezer to brush my Mane 'n' Tale conditioner through from roots to tip. It's a miracle worker. I baulked at paying about 15 quid for a hairbrush (it doesn't even have a handle...) but they're worth the hype. Using the Tangle Teezer also adds to the oddly comforting feeling that I'm grooming a pony when I brush out my lovely long locks!  


NeoStrata was recommended to me by a dermatologist year ago and I credit it as a large part of my treatment for adult acne. While not ideal for sensitive skin (it doesn't sting but prolonged use could irritate) it's cleared up congested patches on my face and held any recurring acne at bay. And it noticeably reduces fine lines too. I've converted a few people to the glycolic life by raving about this foam.


I'm undecided about these whitening strips but I'm only a week or so into my trial. They're not cheap (although I got these at a 25% discount when Roches Pharmacy were running a promotion online). Anyone else finding them a little uncomfortable? To put this in context, I needed Nurofen Plus before using dentist strength peroxide during my bridal prep a few years ago. So perhaps my teeth are super sensitive. These hurt less...but they they still hurt. 

I'll persevere in the pursuit of pearly whites! And of course, I'll report back. 


Gritting my teeth and sticking on a whitening strip. Wish me luck! Anyone else tried them?